Ausbildung zum Verhandlungstrainer und Mediator

If you want to go with the future, then this training option is the best and most cost-effective for your project or company! Up to now, many companies have sent their employees to seminars and were thus able to use the newly acquired knowledge for the company for a certain period of time, usually less than 1 year. We would like to reverse this short memory effect and offer a seminar series that introduces a new era in your company. You already have a sales, purchasing, accounting, marketing, legal department etc.?
Perfect! AFTER this training, you will add a STABSTELLE to all of these departments, which can be called up at any time. your new negotiation department. The new colleagues in this department can be called in by everyone else for important negotiations, can be consulted for preparation at important meetings AND – here comes the part that is most important – your new colleagues are able to train further negotiation specialists or trainers!
We plant a seed in your company and water it until a small seedling emerges.
From that point on, all you need to do is continue to cast from time to time and you will never again need a supplier to teach you or the company how to negotiate effectively and efficiently. You can then control and implement this yourself! Become a pioneer of a new era of entrepreneurship. Build up your own department with negotiation experts – with the training as a negotiation trainer!

  • 20 days

  • training

  • up to 10 participants

  • upon request


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