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Evaluierungsseminar Networx

Who likes to buy a pig in a poke? With the Evaluation seminar increase your accuracy to 100%. Convince yourself through your participation whether the content is the right one for you, your colleagues, your company or your project. Each evaluation seminar is a best of exactly those topics that interest you and that are covered in the Standard Negotiation Seminar can be treated. The aim of your visit should be to get a picture of the lecturers, to check whether lecturers and possible visitors fit together, whether the contents of the lectures have to be adapted or can be taken over 1:1 to further educate your colleagues. We both invest the same – our time.

  • 1 day

  • 8 – 16

  • 990,-*


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Feedback from participants in the evaluation seminar

I really enjoyed the seminar and I can tell by the fact that I have already told some of them about it. Your plan to do something good by passing on your knowledge and taking more of the participants home with you was successful in my opinion.
I found the atmosphere very pleasant and relaxed right from the start. Also the exercises, which I normally don’t ask for, were sensible and well done.

Matthias Langsteiner, CPB Software (Austria) GmbH

It was a great opportunity to refresh the subject of negotiation and to approach it from a different angle!
Especially the practical approach from the exercises, as well as the tips from Mr. Nekham’s varied wealth of experience, represented a very good combination.
All in all: Predicate very recommendable!

Ing. Mag. Katharina Zelenka, HTL Mödling

However, I was able to use what I had heard successfully days later in front of my superiors! and I left the trial satisfied. This encouraged me to consciously test and use this negotiation technique strategy in the future. I am sure that this seminar will be a valuable educational contribution for my students. It was therefore important for me personally to “experience” it myself, so that I could also fall back on it in my own lessons after my students have attended the seminar or to deepen it with them.

Sigrid Scherzer

For the first time, I got a complete overview of the Harvard method and the five-phase model and took some interesting inputs with me.
What did I particularly like?
– I was aware of the importance of questions as a management tool;
but in the seminar it “clicked” for me that negotiating over long distances is also about leadership
that was an important refresher
– Story with 17 camels as a metaphor for thinking in options and the va. also out-of-the-box
– Agenda as proposal(!) with seventh agenda item “new difficult things for next time
– HIT list and BATNA
– Awareness that negotiations may also be broken off when new aspects emerge
– Importance to consider the Have-Tos very well in order to be consistent
– instead of “No!” …ask questions about what the other person has to offer to say yes.
– Meaning of verbal signals
– general criteria for when a negotiation was a success
– three roles in the negotiation team

Manfred Köteles, Bacher Systems EDV GmbH