Markus Nekham NetworxWhat does a visitor expect when giving a lecture on an important topic? How should one feel, AFTER the monologue of a professionally experienced speaker? We believe that a keynote should be long remembered by anyone who listens. We believe that such a lecture should provide every visitor with an added value that they can take away with them. We believe that we will be successful if our presentations are recommended to others. We believe we can make such a moment of listening more than pleasant, keep the audience constantly awake, inspire them. To enjoy being part of it, highest professionalism, accepted authenticity and desire for more. Keynote alla Networx Academy!

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Markus Nekham spoke to an interested audience at a customer event of Sparkasse Amstetten.

An extract from the video report:

Sales and distribution refers to all decisions and systems that are necessary to make a product or service available to customers or end users. Responsible persons working in sales and distribution need appropriate sales and distribution competencies. Recent approaches emphasize the high importance of customer management in sales and distribution.

Feedback from participants in keynotes

Thanks for the opportunity to see sales from a slightly different point of view.
In the course of time a lot of processes go into the seller’s blood, so it is good to take in fresh blood from time to time.
It is like everything in life – the Ultimate Truth does not exist, but one is a winner when man/woman is prepared for the Daily Challenge.

Franz Zickl, Sales Manager, Wolfplastics

– designed to be lively and entertaining
– presented in an informative and easily understandable way
– in a very short time you get information that you can immediately implement
– pleasant, easily accessible location
Thank you very much for the enriching evening.

Gabriela Patschg

Thanks for the interesting lecture.
Even though we’re all in sales, no matter what the field.
it is always refreshing to get back to the basic features – questions! –
to be reminded and not to forget the 5 phases.
Everyone has certainly taken something for themselves again.
Many thanks for this!

Norbert Jurin

The lecture was first-class, I learned a lot from it. Perhaps one could divide the topic into areas (e.g. a post-Kennedy phase is one area) and then offer a short seminar about each area. I think that would be better marketed than a two and a half day seminar. Simply because everyone has different needs and some people are not interested in dealing with areas in the seminar where they are doing well anyway.

Joe Bloggs

Thank you very much for the invitation and the interesting lecture on Tuesday. I found the lecture very inspiring and it clearly proved that one’s own intuition can lead to a prisoner’s dilemma.

Stefan Baumgartner, Offering and Client Service Manager, IMS HEALTH

A harmonious, swinging and extremely entertaining event.
Rarely have you heard so many suggestions for self-reflection, tips and practical recommendations without schoolmasterly posturing in a condensed form.
An entertaining evening whose contents I enjoyed very much!
A profitable pleasure that can only be recommended.

Thomas Wurmbrand, Industria GmbH

I enjoyed a very informative, concise and entertaining lecture.
In a very pleasant way, I was able to find out what the ‘gold standard’ is in terms of negotiation and get to know the appropriate toolboxes.
Thanks again, also for the surprise prize that I won.

Ester Lucan