Out of conviction that negotiating will be an important part of our young people’s private and professional lives, the networx Academy has launched an Austria-wide project since 2011. networx is financing the implementation of the project from its own resources and is providing around 1 million euros annually in advance. Matura schools have the opportunity to learn everything about negotiating free of charge for pupils. Without any quid pro quo, without expecting anything in return – simply out of conviction, this commitment in the public sector represents an important and valuable contribution to the future of Austria.

What is the “Negotiating for All” project?

More than 5 years ago the managing director of networx – Mag. Markus Nekham – had a clarifying conversation with a former minister of finance. When asked what he (Nekham) should do so that his recently born daughter could have a better life in the next 20 years, the finance minister answered with 2 suggestions:

No losses in the company (Editor’s note: We have been doing this for over 20 years at networx!)
Get involved in the public sector!

This order was accepted by our managing director. After some time for reflection Markus Nekham decided to do exactly what he always liked and what he is really good at – passing on knowledge!

This is how the project “Negotiating for all” came into being in 2010. networx aims – perhaps with your help ? – at schools, FH’s and universities in Austria. There, discussions are held with the directors and headmasters. If the timetable of the pupils and students allows it, dates will be found for the school/study year, at which the pupils / students WITHOUT BENEFIT can take advantage of a training on the topic of negotiating worth Euro 1000. FEEDBACK of the participants can be read here.

In order to make the participation as successful as possible and to maximize the knowledge transfer, schools always have a key note lecture by Nekham, which lasts about 1 hour. This gives students a chance to get an idea of what negotiating means in life (after school) and what and how it can be improved. Finally, the students are invited to voluntarily attend a one-day seminar. Please click here to see PHOTOS of the event (Key Note presentation).

Who is the “Negotiating for All” project aimed at?

The aim is to reach all Austrian Matura schools, colleges and universities that teach more than 1500 pupils and students in the next few years. Every educational institution can take advantage of this offer. Appointments will be arranged individually.

How long does the training in the “Negotiating for All” project last?

Usually, negotiating skills for young people from 18 years of age can be accommodated well in one day, as they have had to negotiate on a daily basis (parents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc) and bring in a lot of unadulterated know-how in the last years of their student career. At universities and universities of applied sciences, the training can vary depending on the academic degree (Bachelor, Master, MBA) between 1-3 days

What certificates will the participants in the “Negotiating for All” project receive?

In order to obtain a certificate for participation (and thus a useful proof for a CV, for example for applications), there is only one requirement. Each participant will receive a certificate in PDF format immediately after receiving a detailed written feedback to by email

The feedback of all participants will be transmitted without their names if necessary or will be displayed on the homepage The purpose of this is to give future visitors valuable feedback about the sense of the lecture or seminar in advance.

How many people are trained annually in the “Negotiating for All” project?

Currently the annual average is about 1000 people. But it can be more! The networx academy has a sufficient number of trainers who also believe in this special contribution for the public!

May teachers or lecturers also take advantage of the training?

Yes. Of course! The networx academy would be very happy to make teachers, lecturers and professors in the field of negotiation even more successful. We would be happy to inform you about how this can be achieved and under which conditions. Please send us an email:

I’m interested. Who should I contact?

For general inquiries or wishes we ask you for an email under
Alternatively you can also call us on +43 1 786 67 67 – 444


Impressions from a negotiation seminar at the Segelschule Hofbauer on the Old Danube

„Go and collect firewood…“

But if you have a queasy feeling at the thought - not trusting yourself to get a grip on the pack, or not trusting them to find their way back - then don't worry, because at least you are already on the right track - visit one of our seminars for private persons and you will definitely not go alone into the forest to collect wood next time.