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The 10 most important negotiation rules

Rules are there to be followed. Especially from YOU! If you think you can do that, then the top 10 bargaining will definitely help you. We will show you what is important and practice until you have mastered the most important principles of negotiation in your sleep.

Negotiating for IT managers

You work in IT and have to get your budget through the management at least once a year. You are technically experienced, but too often fail to achieve the desired success when negotiating SLAs, budgets and technical innovations? EVERY IT responsible person has the set-up time to do much better than before in negotiations with superiors, colleagues, but also with customers and suppliers. We show you how easy it is with quickly implementable methods! Book now and use the advantage through knowledge and not with try and error!

Negotiating according to the Harvard method

Negotiating according to the Harvard method, the highway code of negotiating is the WIN-WIN model. Developed at Harvard about 40 years ago, it is used daily by presidents, entrepreneurs and academics. If you are interested in accumulating recurring business and clients, the Harvard Method is a powerful theory that can be quickly and easily put into practice in our seminars.

Negotiating according to the five-phase model

All negotiations worldwide are different in terms of content, BUT: All of them always go through the same 5 phases. Knowing which phases are involved and which phase you are currently in in your negotiations, you can now get to know a toolbox for negotiating

More deals, more turnover, more business

We know of no entrepreneur who does not want to make more deals, more business, more profit and more returns. Do you know anybody? The "sugar factory" will no longer be a black box for you, where you constantly have to ask yourself: "What else do I have to do so that the other (negotiating partner) finally closes the deal?"

From decisiveness and powerful decisions

Even if in the context of the knowledge and information society, knowledge of negotiation methods and techniques is a prerequisite for better negotiation results, experience shows us that our inner attitude, our awareness of our own inner values, in short our self-motivation, is of decisive importance for better, sustainable and satisfactory negotiation results.Fears, doubts, apprehensions, resistances have their basis in the emotions of people. They can therefore only be reached through emotions. At the same time, our emotions are also the access to our energy reserves, our batteries.

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