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Negotiating according to the Harvard method

Negotiating according to the Harvard method, the highway code of negotiating is the WIN-WIN model. Developed at Harvard about 40 years ago, it is used daily by presidents, entrepreneurs and academics. If you are interested in accumulating recurring business and clients, the Harvard Method is a powerful theory that can be quickly and easily put into practice in our seminars.

Feedback from participants in the seminar Negotiating according to the Harvard method

A seminar with a dense content, as well as entertaining, from which I took an amazing amount with me, although I have already attended several relevant further training courses.

Mag. Alexandra Kropf, Kropf Kommunikation

Great workshop, I’ve been in sales for 25 years and have been CEO of a personnel consultancy for 14 years. My daily bread is negotiating in management as well as with clients and of course in private life with my daughter (2 years). Up to now I have only done this with a lot of gut feeling, I have often been successful and sometimes failed. With this workshop I will certainly be able to act even more successfully for the benefit of all negotiating partners. The seminar lasted 9 hours and at the end I was fresh and lively and actually I wanted to stay even longer, so exciting and entertaining was the lecture of Markus Nekham.

Peter Marsch, GF - jobs Personalberatung

* Very practice-oriented seminar whose contents can be immediately put into practice.
* The lecturer Markus Nekham knows what he is talking about and can draw from a wealth of negotiation experience. He responds very well to the participants and their questions.
* Generally very good visual presentation. Key facts on one A4 sheet of paper.
* Contents are also illustrated in the context of games and thus consolidated.
* Every day we are in negotiations with different people and achieve different results. With the tools of the Harvard Method of Negotiation, faster and much more sustainable results can be achieved for both sides. The seminar has inspired me to apply these contents in practice again and again and thus to achieve significantly better negotiation results for all negotiating partners.
* Very interesting group of participants who brought in different points of view.
* Due to the wealth of content, the seminar is recommended in the 2 to 3-day version

Will recommend the seminar whenever possible.

Michael Uiberrak, Erste Bank

Many thanks for 3 very interesting and informative seminar days!
The content was very entertaining and instructive.
The newly acquired knowledge can be easily put into practice and represents a
general enrichment.
I will recommend this seminar to my clients and friends.

Silvia Wittmann-Reichl

A great and recommendable seminar, the content was compact, practical and trenchant.
Many examples have complemented the theory excellently, always with the involvement of the participants, making what has been learned immediately applicable – both professionally and privately.
An excellent lecturer, who leads an entertaining seminar with a high usage factor in an easy and amusing way.

I would also like to thank you for the perfect course of events and the organisation !

Ing. Christian Lamprecht, MBA, Brand Manager Maserati, Keusch Premium GmbH

The seminar was very, very interesting and instructive for me.
The structure is well and clearly structured,
Mr. Nekham’s lecture was very well understandable and comprehensible, lightened up by examples and exercises.
I was particularly impressed by the values, such as fairness etc., that Mr. Nekham taught us.
The practical relevance was given by many examples from the rich experience of Mr. Nekham.
Responding to concrete formulations will facilitate implementation in practice.
As a participant you were challenged and you were able to get involved.
Mr. Nekham dealt with all questions with great professionalism and incorporated them into his presentation.
The breaks were well distributed and sufficient.

It was a lot of fun for me to participate!
I can recommend it in good conscience.
Thanks a lot!

Adelheid Bachinger

I especially liked the fact that no big promises were made at the beginning (such as “If you apply this, sales will increase by 10-15%”). This was always the case at some of my previous seminars and I consider such statements to be dubious.
The 2 most important points for me personally were:
– The enormous importance of preparation (which took up most of the day yesterday) and
– The great importance of a “Plan B”, which I have in my pocket, so that I can leave the trial with a smile.
The mixture of participants in such a seminar is also always interesting for me, so you also always get new approaches for your own area.

Ing. Herbert Ruppitsch , Regional Sales Manager / Head of Vienna Branch, Schmachtl