For 30 years I had to lead countless negotiations of all kinds in the journalistic-publishing business.
After one day of seminar at Networx and with Markus Nekham I can only guess how much more success I could have achieved with these very clear and practical tools.
Can only recommend this to all active people.

Peter RablJournalist

A great and recommendable seminar, the content was compact, practical and trenchant.
Many examples complemented the theory excellently, and the frequent involvement of the participants made what they had learned immediately applicable – both professionally and privately.
An excellent lecturer, who leads an entertaining seminar with a high usage factor in an easy and amusing way.
I would also like to thank you for the perfect process and organization!

Christian Lamprecht, MBABrand Manager Maserati

I attended your negotiation seminar in April last year together with a number of colleagues in our company. I would like to give you feedback on the course and benefits of the seminar almost one and a half years later.
The two and a half day seminar itself was very cleverly structured and very entertaining, not least because of your exciting presentation style. Your flexible response to individual wishes and the many practical examples and exercises you gave us many new perspectives for our appearance in the various negotiation phases with customers and suppliers.

We have been trying to apply many of the given tips and hints in practice since then. Our appearance has become more uniform, better prepared and more goal-oriented. Appointments have become more efficient, the expectations of both sides have been more clearly communicated and better documented. In many cases, we were able to make direct use of what we had learned in the seminar and immediately notice the positive feedback.
We are therefore happy to recommend your seminar to others.

Peter Thomayer, Chairman of the BoardCPB SOFTWARE AG

I really enjoyed the seminar and I can tell by the fact that I have already told some of them about it. Your plan to do something good by passing on your knowledge and taking more of the participants home with you was successful in my opinion.
I found the atmosphere very pleasant and relaxed right from the start. Also the exercises, which I normally don’t ask for, were sensible and well done.

Matthias Langsteiner, CPB SOFTWARE (AUSTRIA) GMBH

For the first time, I got a complete overview of the Harvard method and the five-phase model and took some interesting inputs with me.
What did I particularly like?

– I was aware of the importance of questions as a management tool;
but in the seminar it “clicked” for me that negotiating over long distances is also about leadership
that was an important refresher
– Story with 17 camels as a metaphor for thinking in options and the va. also out-of-the-box
– Agenda as proposal(!) with seventh agenda item “new difficult things for next time
– HIT list and BATNA
– Awareness that negotiations may also be broken off when new aspects emerge
– Importance to consider the Have-Tos very well in order to be consistent
– instead of “No!” …ask questions about what the other person has to offer to say yes.
– Meaning of verbal signals
– general criteria for when a negotiation was a success
– three roles in the negotiation team

Manfred Köteles, Bacher Systems EDV GmbH

Thanks for the opportunity to see sales from a slightly different point of view.
In the course of time a lot of processes go into the seller’s blood, so it is good to take in fresh blood from time to time.
It is like everything in life – the Ultimate Truth does not exist, but one is a winner when man/woman is prepared for the Daily Challenge.

Franz Zickl, Sales Manager, Wolfplastics

– designed to be lively and entertaining
– presented in an informative and easily understandable way
– in a very short time you get information that you can immediately implement
– pleasant, easily accessible location

Thank you very much for the enriching evening.

Gabriela Patschg

Thanks for the interesting lecture.
Even though we’re all in sales, no matter what the field.
it is always refreshing to get back to the basic features – questions! –
to be reminded and not to forget the 5 phases.
Everyone has certainly taken something for themselves again.
Many thanks for this!

Norbert Jurin

Thank you very much for the invitation and the interesting lecture on Tuesday. I found the lecture very inspiring and it clearly proved that one’s own intuition can lead to a prisoner’s dilemma.

Stefan Baumgartner, Offering and Client Service Manager, IMS HEALTH

A harmonious, swinging and extremely entertaining event.
Rarely have you heard so many suggestions for self-reflection, tips and practical recommendations without schoolmasterly posturing in a condensed form.
An entertaining evening whose contents I enjoyed very much!

A profitable pleasure that can only be recommended.

Thomas Wurmbrand, Industria GmbH

I enjoyed a very informative, concise and entertaining lecture.
In a very pleasant way, I was able to find out what the ‘gold standard’ is in terms of negotiation and get to know the appropriate toolboxes.
Thanks again, also for the surprise prize that I won.

ester Lucan

PCM seminar was super good and very varied.
The topic was very well prepared and the basics were made clear.
So far there have been few seminars after which I was positively exhausted. The heterogeneous group invited me to ride the elevator and to become more aware of my own mechanisms was a great learning experience for me.
Brings me 100 times more than other communication seminars and is definitely recommendable. If communication is important to someone – GO for PCM
I’m taking myself for myself:
– My architecture and interaction behaviour
– Communication types with their strengths and weaknesses
– Where do the individual communication types jump to
– Diversity is what counts
– Try to address all types if possible
– The desire for more
A borderline workshop in which everyone from 9-17h feels comfortable, gets numerous facts, gets to know essential communication pillars, finds time for own thoughts/reflection and can immediately put into practice what they have learned according to the “just do it” principle.

Sales representative, Erste Bank

A great seminar with a lot of valuable content which you can implement immediately.

Wolfgang Klaushofer , CPB Software

A seminar with a dense content, as well as entertaining, from which I took an amazing amount with me, although I have already attended several relevant further training courses.

Alexandra Kropf, Kropf Communication

* Very practice-oriented seminar whose contents can be immediately put into practice.
* The lecturer Markus Nekham knows what he is talking about and can draw from a wealth of negotiation experience. He responds very well to the participants and their questions.
* Generally very good visual presentation. Key facts on one A4 sheet of paper.
* Contents are also illustrated in the context of games and thus consolidated.
* Every day we are in negotiations with different people and achieve different results. With the tools of the Harvard Method of Negotiation, faster and much more sustainable results can be achieved for both sides. The seminar has inspired me to apply these contents in practice again and again and thus to achieve significantly better negotiation results for all negotiating partners.
* Very interesting group of participants who brought in different points of view.
* Due to the wealth of content, the seminar is recommended in the 2 to 3-day version. I will recommend the seminar whenever possible.

Michael Uiberrak, Erste Bank

Many thanks for 3 very interesting and informative seminar days!
The content was very entertaining and instructive.
The newly acquired knowledge can be easily put into practice and represents a
general enrichment.
I will recommend this seminar to my clients and friends.

Silvia Wittmann-Reichl

The seminar was very, very interesting and instructive for me.
The structure is well and clearly structured,
Mr. Nekham’s lecture was very well understandable and comprehensible, lightened up by examples and exercises.
I was particularly impressed by the values, such as fairness etc., that Mr. Nekham taught us.
The practical relevance was given by many examples from the rich experience of Mr. Nekham.
Responding to concrete formulations will facilitate implementation in practice.
As a participant you were challenged and you were able to get involved.
Mr. Nekham dealt with all questions with great professionalism and incorporated them into his presentation.
The breaks were well distributed and sufficient.

It was a lot of fun for me to participate!
I can recommend it in good conscience.
Thanks a lot!

Adelheid Bachinger

I especially liked the fact that no big promises were made at the beginning (such as “If you apply this, sales will increase by 10-15%”). This was always the case at some of my previous seminars and I consider such statements to be dubious.
The 2 most important points for me personally were:
– The enormous importance of preparation (which took up most of the day yesterday) and
– The great importance of a “Plan B”, which I have in my pocket, so that I can leave the trial with a smile.
The mixture of participants in such a seminar is also always interesting for me, so you also always get new approaches for your own area.

Ing. Herbert Ruppitsch , Regional Sales Manager / Head of Vienna Branch, Schmachtl